Lunes, Disyembre 3, 2012

Living with God -part V

 Jesus said in Luke 12:54 , that we should be aware of the time.  You can sense that anytime He is on His way to come to redeem His people and to judge the wickedness into the fires of hell. Although, Jesus said, nobody knows, not even the Father who is in Heaven. Being closer to God, you can also sense the heaviness and gravity  of the world sins. To my friends, brothers and sisters. This is for you. I want to spread the news of salvation. while it still not too late. Please turn away from idolatry: venerating images, which was created by man, doing things your own way (this is also considered idolatry). Our focus in life should be with God only. Everything   we do should always be for His Glory. Before making a decision , think first if this is pleasing to God. In that way , we are placing God first and giving Him the glory. God, always wants to be glorify which is just right and proper. Let not venerate images, as this is used by Satan to deceive God's people. God is alive and those images experienced death while Jesus conquered death and is alive. If we do venerate those dead people through images and sculpture, then we should also do that to all the prophets who was chosen by God . There was a family of 7 children and a mother , because of their trust and commitment to God did not eat the forbidden meat which was served by the Assyrian, caused them horrible death. They, too should be venerated? It was very clear in the Bible when Jesus said in John 14:6"no one comes to the Father except through Me.The Bible is the best and only way that your life would change to be closer to God.

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