Lunes, Nobyembre 19, 2012

Living with God 4

We only resort to God once our problem is too heavy. Most of young people would resort to horoscope, tarot readers, palm readers to find  answers specifically relationship problems. I used to be one, before. That's one reason why I studied and practiced tarot, astrology, palm reading, etc. These things are really abominable and detestable to God. Don't you know that God is always waiting for you to come to Him for ANY help. Almighty God is just in His punishment however, God is always forgiving and will not remember your sins once you come back to Him. Just like what He did to the Israelite. That's how loving and forgiving God is.

When I started reading the Bible I became high with God. I want to know Him more and more. Now I realized a lot people doesn't know God at all and they thought they knew God. Jesus Christ said when he was on the cross, " Father forgive them for they know not what they do". I was one of those people that didn't know what I'm longer today. We always find this message : In everything you do, put God  first. It's only now that I came to know the meaning of this statement. Now I have the Christ confidence, not the world confidence or self confidence. Self confidence brings frustration, but Christ confidence would never fail you.

God has given each of us freedom to do anything we want to do, however we are responsible for it's consequences. If we walk with Christ, unite with Him and fear His name- whatever things, decision we would make: will never fail. Try not to put any gap between your relationship with Him. Generally , people of today -there's always a wall that stands between God and us. People, including I, too am focus with worldly things : food to eat, job, relationship, family, things we love to do (singing, gigs, etc). These are walls that divides between our relationship with God. Time is running short. The world can never be better. Our duty now is to come to God, know Him, worship Him and have Faith in Him. Let's bring back the love He anxiously miss  from us. He never wants us to perish, but wants us to join Him in His Kingdom. Let's spread the good news to each everyone to be saved. Let's save souls.

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