Linggo, Nobyembre 4, 2012

Living with God Part 3

What does God wants from us is the first  question that  we would ask ourselves.How do I know I'm a Christian? How can I be sure that I do indeed know God? I didn't know God until I have read the Bible. Many thinks that they know God. That's what also I thought before. Now, that I have read His Words, I surely know who God was and what He wants. He is a jealous God that He doesn't want to share His glory to anybody , except upon the coming of His Servant, Jesus Christ, because God is in Him. He created the commandments as a  prerequisite of knowing Him and it is  a condition that must be fulfilled in order to come to know God, and  obedience is the manifestation or evidence of knowledge of God.

He chose Israel to be His own people as a promised to  Abraham : that his descendants will  multiply like stars in the sky and protect them and to become defender of enemies and gate of cities. Even the times that Israel became rebellious of God because they turned to idolatry- instead of asking and seeking Almighty Father's help and guidance, still Almighty Yahweh, showed His love through His prophets. Through the prophets, the messages of God was given across to people of Israel. However, some of them would not believed that they fell trapped to their death and defeat. Even if they committed sins, once they acknowledged their sins and turned back to Him , they were forgiven- that's how God was and still up to the present. Things will changed, but not God and His words. He is a loving, forgiving God.Through Jesus Christ, everything we ask from God will be given according to His Kindness. God said, " Seek my Kingdom, and everything shall be added unto you". Therefore, if we seek His Kingdom, then everything we asked of Him through our Lord Jesus Christ will surely be granted.

I keep on reiterating that Almighty God, Yahweh is a jealous God that He hates people who turned to idolatry. This was one reason why God became so angry with people of Israel,  that he punished them with wars, famine, sickness and horrible death. God doesn't want us to do everything that we want to do. He wants us to put Him first in our life.What people of today normally do is do whatever would satisfy him; ie: games, accessories, clothes, gadgets, movies, foods, drinking, and anything of worldly matters. These things are also idolatry to God. Not all people know about this. I didn't know it too, before.Now that I'm fully aware of it, I want to share it to you. Consulting, tarot, astrology, numerology, and the like are things hated by God. I, myself have still some baggage  that hasn't been cleared up yet. I still have some worldly desires that I wishes gone and fear that it might be late.

Not everybody can understand the bible because of the so many parables and confusions of the words. However, if you read it by heart and has the eagerness to know His words, the Holy Spirit will empower you to understand it. Once you're in it, you will start singing hymn to the Lord-praising, praying all the time. Some of your earthly desires will be gone. I'm a single mother and still young at 56 :). Unlike women of my age still seek for a lifetime partner-this desire was gone. My desire is to know God more through people. I still wish to be with my best friends and to share them the good news of salvation. Time of His second coming  is almost here and we have to be prepared. When I read about that only few will remain with God, I felt so sad. I, myself wasn't sure if I would also be included in the new Jerusalem. Remember hell was prepared for Satan and his demonic angels, however this was also prepared to people who has never turned out from their wickedness. Idolatry is one wickedness of people and the number one wickedness of people that God hated so much.To picture hell -is a place of  fire that never dies, brimstone and worms: it is a tormented place. On the second coming of Jesus which is near , let's prepare ourselves before God , so we may not be thrown to the this place where we will suffer forever.

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