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Right Relationship with God 2-catholic and paganism

According to many people , Catholic started it's way back during the time of the apostles and it was founded by Peter. The declaration of the origin of catholic wasn't clear. As far as I know Catholic originated during the time of  the reign of Constantinople. At first he purge Christianity, but when he requested for a divine assistance, he saw a vision of Cross in his dream, so he made a cross and put it in front of his battleship. He was victorious in that fight and thereby declaring Christianity based on his original belief which is paganism. So, he both combined Christianity and Paganism. In the New Testament, there is no mention of the papacy, worship or adoration of Mary (or the immaculate conception of Mary, the perpetual virginity of Mary, the assumption of Mary, or Mary ), petitioning saints in heaven for their prayers, apostolic succession, the ordinances of the church functioning as sacraments, infant baptism, confession of sin to a priest, purgatory, indulgences, or the equal authority of church tradition and Scripture. So, if the origin of the Catholic Church is not in the teachings of Jesus and His apostles, as recorded in the New Testament, what is the true origin of the Catholic Church?

Haven't you noticed that all these saints suffered physical death. Even, Mother Mary's death wasn't clear. Some says she was assumed to heaven, while others says she suffered physical death.. I found Elijah who was a  prophet that was assumed to heaven- Kings 2:11 says: "As they were walking along and talking together, suddenly a chariot of fire and horses of fire appeared and separated the two of them, and Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind" and Enoch who was taken into Heaven by the Father(Gen 5:24), (Ecc 44:16) Catholic practiced prayer petitioned to saints who suffered physical death. Why do we go to these saints for petition on our prayers when we can go directly to Jesus or to our Father , in Jesus name. It was very clear in the Bible , when Jesus said " I am the Way, the Truth and the Life", No one comes to the Father , except through Me. In ACT 17:23-29 clearly states that God doesn't not stay in those images, because He is everywhere. From the very beginning God hates these false gods. Those images created by man even if they think of it as a representation of our God are also false gods.

Constantine was actually an original pagan believers. When he found that  the Roman Empire was  so vast, expansive, and diverse, not everyone would agree to forsake his or her religious beliefs to embrace Christianity. So, Constantine allowed, and even promoted, the “Christianization” of pagan beliefs. Completely pagan and unbiblical beliefs were given new “Christian” identities. Some clear examples of this are as follows:
3) We do believe and it was a fact that Romans has many gods and goddesses. We have this book of Greek Mythology which is almost the same as the Romans. Ex : Aphrodite for Greek and Venus for Romans,etc.Thus, it has those pantheon of saints.

4) The supremacy of the Roman bishop (the papacy) was created with the support of the Roman emperors. With the city of Rome being the center of government for the Roman Empire, and with the Roman emperors living in Rome, the city of Rome rose to prominence in all facets of life. Constantine and his successors gave their support to the bishop of Rome as the supreme ruler of the church. Of course, it is best for the unity of the Roman Empire that the government and state religion be centered in the same location. While most other bishops (and Christians) resisted the idea of the Roman bishop being supreme, the Roman bishop eventually rose to supremacy, due to the power and influence of the Roman emperors. When the Roman Empire collapsed, the popes took on the title that had previously belonged to the Roman emperors – Pontificus Maximus.

The origin of the Catholic Church is the tragic compromise of Christianity with the pagan religions that surrounded it. Instead of proclaiming the gospel and converting the pagans, the Catholic Church “Christianized” the pagan religions, and “paganized” Christianity.

So, let's open our hearts and mind to God, so He will lead us the right way to Him. Accept Jesus to be your Savior and do not be led astray by going to God through those  images. As I always said, these has been used by Satan to deceive people.

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