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Something about the Pope and the Vatican

Just to share a piece of information. I'm not sure if this is coincidental or was it
really the Pope of the Catholic is the 666 revealed in Revelation 13:16 of the Scripture.
The pope was designated as Vicarius Filii Dei or Vicar of Christ meaning a representative of God or tantamount as representation of Christ which is a
blasphemy of God. Nobody can substitute God, but Christ and nobody can
substitute Christ. God said, His glory is His and His alone.
In Revelation 13:1 1 And the dragon stood on the shore
of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. He had ten horns and seven
heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.
The pope has what we called Tiara on his head bearing these words:
IESV CHRISTI VICARIO INFALLIBILI- infallible vicar of Jesus Christ
ORBIS SVPREMO IN TERRA RECTORI - to the supreme governor of the world of earth .
REGVM ATQVE POPVLORVM PATRI - to the father of nations and kings.
When we say infallible, it is without sin or error. According to the Scripture, God
said that all had sinned and fall short to the Glory of God. It's only God Himself
that is without sin. Those tittles cannot be given to a man whom created by God,
but to God Himself only. Therefore, that alone is a big lie of satan to deceive people.
In Book of Revelation also stated about 7 hills. The vatican is situated within 7
hills:The Quirinal Hill,The Aventine Hill,The Caelian Hill,The Viminal Hil,lThe
Capitoline Hill, The Esquiline Hil,lThe Palatine Hill. The 10 horns with crown are
powerful individuals if not countries that involves in setting up and protecting
the Vatican. Remember in History we have the Allied countries such as : Allied
Powers composed of Empires and the famous are :France, Germany, Great Britain, Rome, Russia , USA, Poland, Japan, to name some. Perhaps these are powerful people that represents in any of those countries involved in protecting the Vatican.
How did the Vatican and the pope started had a lot of complicated stories. It is
the seat of the throne of the Papa who is the head of the catholic church all over
the world. In History you can remember that Constantinopole was the first Christian emperor. He was the one who declared Christianity through the Edict of Milan(remember History) as the main religion of the land after he won the battle of Mildivian for putting the sign of the Cross on their battleship. Rome was a pagan country remember, so when he declared Christianity, he paganized christian religion (combining christian with pagan practices)They claimed that Peter was the first pope. If you read the Bible , there's nowhere in the Bible that supports their claimed. When Paul thanks the people who assisted him in bringing up Jesus to the Romans, he never mentioned Peter, which simply means that Peter was not in Rome. It was also said in the Bible that Peter was the apostle for the Jews or the circumcised and Paul for the gentile or the uncircumcised. It only means that Peter did not even set his foot in Rome.
If you would check and read the Bible, the doctrines that the Catholic is teaching
is none existing in the scripture. If that would be originated from the teachings
of the apostle Peter, it would have been the same as the scripture which is the
same before and is still the same today. In the scripture, there was no teachings
about indulgence, to do penance for sins, confessions to a priest, praying the
rosary, venerating Mary and saints, the process of baptism, the ceremonial mass.
In fact, they actually is contradicted to the teachings of the Bible.
There were lots of secrets in the Vatican, but as God said, there is no hidden things that will not come to light. There were news about sexual abuse among members of the choirs which are boys.It started to come out in 2010 and there was investigations, but nothing happened until now.
If you read history about Reformation or Protestant Reformation, it was the darkest period of Christianity. In the St Bathomew Massacre, there were millions of Huguenotes(these were French protestants who was regarded as heretics by the Catholic leaders of that time) who died.
I'm sharing these information for you to open your eyes to what is the truth.
Jeremiah 29:13New International Version (NIV)
13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

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